Centuries before our Lord and Saviour taught men to turn the other cheek, great warriors were using the Central Asian steppes as their playground. Civilizations were eaten alive one after the other. This time, the Scythians are going to bite the dust. From brave nomad warriors, they’ve been reduced to ruthless mercenaries, willing to kill anyone for a fistful of coins. Their last job is pretty impressive. A king needs to be sent to the great beyond. And they’ve chosen the perfect scapegoat; Lutobor, the king’s right arm. The conspiracy works like a charm. The king dies and Lutobor goes straight to jail. That is, until the king doesn’t seem to be dead at all. Lutobor gets the chance to find out who’s behind this high treason. His investigation turns into a bloodbath when he finds out that his child and wife have been kidnapped by the Scythians. This epic movie is one of the big Russian hits of 2018. Surrounded by critical acclaim, The Scythian wasn’t even completed when it got sold internationally. Some think of Apocalypto, others regard it as a worthy successor of Gladiator. We at the BIFFF see it as a pagan Mad Max, a visual fantasy from a Russian distant past, when skull splitting was every man’s favorite hobby. Get ready for a blood drenched extravaganza that will want you to hit the gym!

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