Mexico, October 1968. A desolated bus stop in the middle of nowhere and five hours away from the nearest city. Outside, a never-ending rain turns roads into swimming pools. Inside, eight people are desperately trying to find a way out of this hellhole. Ulises, for example, is eager to get back to his wife, who’s giving birth in one of the capital’s nurseries. Next to him sits an old Indian woman mumbling incomprehensive gibberish and looking like a Peruvian witch straight out of a child’s nightmarish bedtime story. Sitting in the corner is a pregnant woman who just left her abusive husband after bashing in his skull that very morning. It is in this charming setting that things are about to go from extremely bad to the absolute worst. The radio announces that acid rains is about to cover the globe. Anyone who’ll come in contact with this phenomenon will more than likely have to kiss their pretty face goodbye.

Isaac Ezban, who was one of last year’s BIFFF guests with The Incident, returns with this terrific homage to 60ties scifi. With a direct influence from Rod Sterling’s The Twilight Zone, The Similars present a blend of Cold War paranoia, mindfucks, schizophrenia, a significant amount of hemoglobin and an ensemble cast led by none other than Gustavo Sanchez Parra (Man on Fire, Legend of Zorro, Amores Perros).

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