Special Agent Stephen Broderick (Scott Glenn) is a living legend in the FBI because of his formidable ability to solve somewhat difficult-to-solve crimes. His bosses send him to Salt Lake City, in the desert state of Utah, to investigate an exceptionally brutal murder of two children. Broderick, however, already has an inkling of what’s going on. His secret weapon, his 11-year-old son Jesse—like all boys his age, a computer prodigy—has discovered a link in the FBI’s computer with a series of brutal murders that have plagued Monument Valley for 15 years. Armed with this knowledge and assisted by the usual fresh-faced and ambitious assistant Roxanne Lemar (Sheila Tousey), the father goes on a massive manhunt in the Badlands. Meanwhile, the son has discovered new data and, a little too enthusiastically, goes in search of the killer himself. Before long, Broderick is caught up in an explosive race against time to find a crazed religious serial killer, and … to save his son.

Inspired by true events from the land where religion, commerce and madness can take on 1001 unsavoury forms, seasoned action director James Glickenhaus (The Exterminator, Shakedown, McBain) brings us with his latest film a thrilling combination of high-tech tracking techniques and traditional sleuthing. The always formidable Scott Glenn (Silverado, The Silence of the Lambs, The Hunt for Red October) incarnates living legend Stephen Broderick. Sheila Tousey (Thunderheart, The Silent Tongue) is young colleague Roxanne Lemar, who for once doesn’t fall in love with the older, more experienced partner. And Darlanne Fluegel (To Live and Die in L.A., Pet Sematary II) also gets to do something as Broderick’s wife. The eye-catching photography is the work of Mark Irwin (Videodrome, The Fly, Robocop II).

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