Blue, an aptly named melancholic prostitute, wanders the streets of Brighton in search for clients. One day, one of them takes her to an old Victorian house. Before savoring her skills, the guy gives Blue a guided tour of the enormous mansion. He shows her an ancient projector containing strange images. Blue’s curiosity is tickled and, once the job’s done, she starts exploring the house for herself. In one of the rooms she discovers a secret chamber hid behind a huge mirror. Blue finds out that the house was used as a brothel in the 19th century. The owner, an avant-gardist with disgusting habits, was probably the director of the world’s first snuff movie. But that’s not everything. Blue is not alone in the secret chamber…

The Sleeping Room is a very atmospheric picture with plenty of old-school gore that reminds you of the Hammer horror movies. All the repressed desires, frustrations and taboos of Victorian society are more than enough inspiration for a chilling feature that will give you sleepless nights.

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