Rose is a young violinist on the verge of breaking through. She is no longer in touch with her father, an erstwhile composing prodigy, but her loyal impresario dedicates his every moment to her career. One day between two recording sessions, Rose hears of her father’s passing. He bequeaths her not just his castle in France but also the manuscript of a violin sonata. Her impresario, thinking it might be a forgotten masterpiece, smells money and becomes obsessed with deciphering the mysterious symbols that the wayward composer left all through his magnum opus. But doing so sets a mechanism into motion that is not exactly melodic… THE SONATA is the first feature by the young British filmmaker Andrew Desmond, who is based in Paris. In this stylish horror thriller on a musical note, he tells a story that goes back and forth between England and France. Among the actors, we recognize a few heavyweights. Good old blue eyes Rutger Hauer (HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN, BLADE RUNNER, THE HITCHER, SIN CITY etc.) is the satanic composer, Simon Abkarian (COLT 45, RENDITION, CASINO ROYALE) the rapacious impresario, and James Faulkner (GAME OF THRONES, ATOMIC BLONDE, UNDERWORLD: BLOOD WARS) a sinister character with a music score to settle.

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