The sword of Alexander the Great is found during archeological excavations in Turkey and sent to New York to be shown during an exhibition organized by Julie Wilkins, a young researcher studying reincarnation. She is fascinated by the legend saying that the sword of Alexander made him invincible. In New York, well-organized thieves steal the sword and kill one of the guards. Julie witnesses the scene, but the criminals flee without having time to take care of her. Andrew, a police officer is now in charge of protecting Julie. He possesses a strange power that already put in danger many of his colleagues: when he touches a victim’s corpse, he falls into a trance and experiences the moment of the death through the eyes of the murderer. In the meantime, in the city’s slums, a new attraction is all the rage: in abandoned buildings, contemporary gladiators fight to death in front of a crowd of bloodthirsty gamblers. During his investigation, Andrew discovers a connection between these fights and the sword’s theft. In order to get the priceless blade back, he will have to get into the ring and fight for his life.

This film by Michael KENNEDY is filled with fights. Masterfully mixing the scenes of urban violence and the concept of reincarnation, THE SWORDSMAN depicts a hero, holder of ancient wisdom, confronted to the sordid reality of contemporary big cities. Andrew, the telepathic policeman who becomes an invincible warrior, is played by Lorenzo LAMAS, well known for his role in the series FALCON CREST. Claire STANSFIELD (THE DOORS, TWIN PEAKS) is Julie Wilkins, and the inevitable villain is interpreted by Michael CHAMPION (TOY SOLDIERS, TOTAL RECALL, FATAL BEAUTY).

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