De Derde Golf is politiejargon voor het ultieme doel van Europa’s nieuwe gangsterbazen : de overname van het hele continent. The Third Wave is tevens het spannende slot van de succesvolle trilogie die de Zweedse actiespecialist Anders Nilsson in 1999 begon met Zero Tolerance en in 2001 vervolgde met Executive Protection. In deze films schetst Nilsson een gedetailleerd portret van een nieuw soort pan-Europese misdaad, waarin gangsters eigenaars zijn van privé beveiligingsbedrijven en vrijuit kunnen opereren in een continent met snel vervagende grenzen.

Superintendent Sellberg of the Swedish police, Europol’s newly appointed chief, declares war against organized crime. He has the power to employ whoever he chooses. But his first choice, his protégé Johan Falk, a former specially trained police officer, just wants to lead a quiet life with his family. In his view, Europe is being taken over by organized crime and the criminal justice system is in denial, refusing to deal realistically with the problem. Meanwhile in London, young stockbroker Rebecca realizes that the love of her life, financial wizard Phoenix Kane, is heavily involved in organized crime. When Rebecca discovers who he’s actually in business with, she panics and turns to Sellberg and Europol for protection. This is the start of a violent hunt throughout Europe.

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