Dao, the new sheriff of the peaceful city of Kaifeng, thinks he has found the perfect hideout. Besides a few illegally parked carriages and some bulls exceeding the speed limit, he’s not expecting a lot of work. Alas, he couldn’t be more wrong, a titanic battle is brewing. The innocent looking peasants that Dao sees every day are actually hidden members of the Wuyin clan. They’re alien hunters who have been discreetly saving the Earth for centuries. And the recent meteor strike is especially worrying, since this intergalactic Kinder Surprise hides the worst kind of threat for mankind. The discovery of a red fish that is the size of a white shark in Kaifeng will erase all doubts for Dao. No more afternoons siestas in the sun. Let’s save the planet! Some combinations are just irresistible. Here we have the joining of forces of the mythical Tsui Hark (A Chinese Ghost Story, Detective Dee) and the no less legendary Yuen Woo-Ping, the choreographer of Kill Bill, The Matrix and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. The 1000 Faces of Dunjia, the first part of a trilogy, cleverly mixes traditional wuxia with the big scale extravaganza that you usually find in the blockbusters of Steven Spielberg or Michael Bay. To say that the result is satisfactory would be a gross understatement.

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