Three young people are sleeping on a night train. The arrival of the enigmatic hypnotizer, professor Peter Price, wakes them up. His method consists of gazing into a metal orb that will bring back memories best forgotten. The young travelers become the unwilling protagonists of three nightmare stories. In The Moon Ring, an ancient curse is unleashed as two friends violate an Etruscan grave. Dr. Lifting recounts the ordeal of pretty young actress Barbara. She checks into the clinic of the famous plastic surgeon Dr. Henry Fischer, who will work on her with a new experimental technique. In The Guardian of the Lake two guys and one girl are camping at a remote lake. Their trip soon turns into a nightmare, as the lake is inhabited by a bloodthirsty creature. Sergio Stivaletti is the undisputed special effects master of Italian cinema, providing shock power to the films of Michele Soavi, Lamberto Bava and Dario Argento. After his directing debut Wax Mask in 1997, he now gives us The Three Faces of Terror. This gripping piece of gothic horror puts the classic icons in the spotlight that shaped the cinematic nightmares of generations : the werewolf, the mad doctor and the monster from the abyss. With cult actor John Phillip Law (Danger : Diabolik, Barbarella) as professor Price and with special guest appearances by Lamberto Bava and Claudio Simonetti.

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