There’s this quaint out-of-time place called the Tenmasou Inn. It’s pretty exclusive though, in a world parallel to ours and strictly for people heading for the light at the end of the tunnel, also known as folks hanging between life and death. Don’t try looking for Trip Advisor comments either, just trust us it’s a decent spot in terms of comfort and services offered. One day, the young Tamae arrives in the establishment after being rubbed the wrong way by an eighteen-wheeler and is welcomed by Nozomi and Kanae. They’re not just the hotel owners, they’re also her half-sisters who’ve been hiding her entire life from her. Now they’ll have their whole afterlife to catch up? Not quite. The place is only a transit terminal and the young girl will have to choose between the world of the living, with its daily doses of trouble, or the other side of the Styx, which seems to be inhabited by the ghosts of her life past. If underneath all that black veneer you’ve got a little cotton heart, THREE SISTERS OF TENMASOU may just take you by surprise. Adapted from a manga series by Tsutomu Takahashi, this fantastic tale about our inescapable destiny is helmed by our newest Knight of the Order of the Raven, Ryūhei Kitamura. We usually associate him with gritty exploitation fare such as MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN and NO ONE LIVES, but here he shows off a more poetic side of himself. And that’s pretty heart-warming in this cruel, cruel world!

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