Having broken up with girlfriend Vera, shy architect Felix finds himself alone in the vast house they shared. One night, a stranger turns up asking to make an urgent phone call and afterward suddenly disappears. The house starts making strange noises and Felix becomes increasingly paranoid, convinced that the stranger has taken up residence in the house. In a panic, Felix calls Vera, who offers comfort and her body to her former beau, but while she originally intended to reassure him, Vera becomes unnerved when she hears the mysterious noises too. After seeing The Uncertain Guest, from award-winning short film director Guillem Morales (Back Room, Upside Down), you will check every corner of your place before you go to bed. This creepy, atmospheric thriller is so over-the-top, yet utterly believable that it will make your hair stand on end. Masterful psychological suspense and deeply ironic filmmaking at its best. With Andoni Gracia (El Portero) as Felix, Monica Lopez (In The City, Intact) in a double part as Vera/Claudia and cult director Agusti Villaronga (Tras el Cristal, 99.9) as the stranger.

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