Like any good veteran, Andrew had the misfortune to swap his life at the patriotic pawnshop for a return without flags or trumpets. His post-traumatic stress disorder has turned him into a homeless wanderer on the streets of Edinburgh. Unable to digest the horrors he saw during the war, Andrew compensates his existential constipation by an exacerbated phobia of crows. Encouraged by his social worker, he decides to go green in a cottage lost in the Scottish highlands. But without any rational compass at hand, Andrew is now helpless against his inner demons, who do not deprive themselves of tampering with his subconscious to make his paranoid valve explode. Faced with his worst fears, Andrew has no choice but to ask the questions he has always avoided. Considered one of the ten best independent films of the year by Bloody Disgusting, Lawrie Brewster’s new film (already guilty as charged for Lord of Tears, presented at the BIFFF 2014) relies on Celtic mythologies to bring forth a unique genre nightmare. The thrilling and incredibly immersive The Unkindness of Ravens, could well be the bastard child of The Wicker Man and Hellraiser!

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