Because of industrial mining and the relentless search for minerals, the Andes plateaus have turned into a waterless wasteland. The remaining population lives in degrading refugee camps, fleeing the war that’s raging in large parts of the continent. When young Yaku’s father dies and she learns she’s expecting, she decides to go and look for a more suitable place to raise her unborn child. Along with her husband, she starts the long trek towards the sea. During their hazardous journey through desolate landscapes, they also meet a cynical war correspondent, who keeps his cards close to his chest. Will he use them for a quick scoop or will he have a heart and help them on their way towards a better life? If you’ve kept up with global developments, you’ll know that the next world war will be fought over water rather than oil. That is also the premise of the stark apocalyptic thriller THE UNSEEN, a kind of waterless WATERWORLD with royal doses of MAD MAX. Starring are some well-known faces from Argentinian cinema: Peter Lanzani (THE CLAN), Natalia Oreiro (THE GERMAN DOCTOR, CLANDESTINE CHILDHOOD), and Alejandro Awada (THE BAR, THE AURA, NINE QUEENS).

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