Like all teens that weren’t gifted by the gods of love nor had the smooth talk skills of Casanova, Yoshihiro excels in a solitary talent: with his right hand he resolves all his adolescent frustrations one flap at a time. But one night when he is getting at the top of his solitary enjoyment, a cosmic ray of light gives him a special ability: from now on he can read other people’s minds. And he’s not alone. Four other virgins, in the heat of passion, were also given psychic powers. But their telepathic skills will not be used to get rid off their virginity. They’ll have to fight a lesbian psychic who wants to take over the world with her army of sex dolls.
Let’s be honest, this isn’t for fanatics of Victorian times or people with the sexual morality of the pope. This crazy over-the-top and, of course, Japanese comedy has the same energy and potential as movies like Hitoshi Matsumoto’s Big Man Japan or Symbol. Sion Sono brings yet another movie to the BIFFF. And with five films on his slate in 2015, he’s starting to rival that other favorite bulimic director. Bye bye Takashi Miike, say hello to Sion Sono!

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