Daniel Carter is a rural cop in a part of the USA where nothing ever
happens. But you better hold on to your seats when it does. During
a night patrol his headlights capture a man covered in blood in the
middle of the road. It’s not his blood, but not a word comes out of
his mouth. Daniel takes him to the nearby hospital, which is busy
closing its doors to set up shop in the city. There are only four staffers
available and one patient, a young pregnant woman accompanied
by her grandfather. When Daniel brings in his charge, all hell breaks
loose. A couple of men with guns arrive with the intention of giving
the hospital lots of extra work. At the same time, a group of mysterious
hooded figures armed with knives surround the building. And
then there are the monsters that would even make Lovecraft feint.
We’ve had dealings before with the notorious Canadian collective
Astron 6. They were responsible for Father’s Day (BIFFF 2012) and The
Editor (BIFFF 2015). This time members Steven Kostanski and Jeremy
Gillespie have created a terrific homage to 80ties cult movies. You can
expect an orgy of horror, with John Carpenter, Lucio Fulci and Clive
Barker all over each other, bathing in a vintage atmosphere which
doesn’t need any fancy CGI. The Void comes to the BIFFF with a solid
and well deserved reputation. It’s the ideal example of a movie of,
for and by hard core genre fans.

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