1966. Kristen, a scantily clad young woman, runs through the woods, with the police hot on her heels. She manages to reach an abandoned farmhouse, which she promptly torches before the cops can arrest her. She wakes up in a psychiatric hospital without any memories of how she got there. Kristen is put under the care of Dr. Stringer, who places her with a group of four other traumatized girls and subjects them to a new kind of therapy. Of course they’re supposed to get better, but the thing is that no one has ever left the ward; at least not officially, because many former residents simply vanished without a trace. The Ward is Master of Horror John Carpenter’s first feature since 2001’s Ghosts of Mars and it looks like the director of Halloween, The Thing and Escape From New York is still capable of delivering the goods. It even feels like a relief to see an atmospheric horror flic of the kind they used to make in the 70ties, but provided with top notch contemporary camerawork and sound design. And Carpenter demonstrates that he can still use his considerable arsenal of horror and shock effects to maximum effect. With scream queen Amber Heard ( All The Boys Love Mandy Lane, Drive Angry ) as Kristen and Jared Harris ( Tv’s Mad Men and The Fringe ) as the sinister Dr. Stringer.

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