An American-Italian couple is on a romantic
holiday in Naples, the city where they first met
and fell in love, along with their 10 year old son Jake.
While they are quarrelling, Jake slips away to a souvenir
stand and becomes fascinated by the numerous figurines
of Pulcinella. When his worried parents find him,
they drag him back to the hotel and send him straight
to bed without dinner. But Jake has stolen a Pulcinella
figurine and when it comes to life, it will take us on
a dreamlike journey between reality and imagination.
A delicious little extra to open the Bifff in style: a short
feature of the wonderful, the unique, the unequalled
Terry Gilliam. The Wholly Family is vintage Gilliam, a
magical exploration of Naples like you’ve never seen it
before, stuffed with images and scenes that could only
come from the wicked mind of the director of Brazil,
12 Monkeys and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.
The Wholly Family won the Award for Best Short Feature
at the 2011 European Film Awards.

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