A girl wanders in the woods, bewildered, in shock and covered in blood. She nearly faints by the side of the road. Luckily a van drives by and one of the passengers helps her inside. Unfortunately, she finds herself with a bunch of gangsters out on a field trip and they obviously have unspeakable things on their mind. That’s very unfortunate for them. Cause in a split-second, this seemingly meek and vulnerable girl is going to tear them and their van inside out. You see, she’s no ordinary girl. She just escaped from an ultra-secret lab, leaving none alive. They liberally experimented on her there to create a superhuman. A walking nuclear bomb in the flesh, if you wish. Many ruthless mercenary gangs would love to get their hands on her now that she’s wandering free. They’re bringing out the heavy artillery. Some of them even have superpowers of their own… Back in 2019 Hoon-jung Park, the screenwriter of I SAW THE DEVIL, delighted us with the first part of his trilogy. This brilliant mix between Stephen King’s ‘Firestarter’ and the X-MEN completely demolished the box-office. And this follow-up? Relates to part 1 like ALIENS does to ALIEN. That is to say: bigger, better, louder! A grandiose spectacle with a climax of fireworks that would turn Goku’s hair gray and that made our jaws drop all the way to Hell! Forget about The Avengers and their goofy underpants-on-the-outside antics. This is the real deal that begs to be seen on the biggest possible screen (in our Theater 1 for example)! Just to say, 4 days after its Korean release, it had already attracted more than 1 million spectators…

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