The Wolf Hour

The Wolf Hour is “the hour between night and dawn… when most people die, sleep is deepest, nightmares are most real. It is the hour when the sleepless are haunted by their worst anguish, when ghosts and demons are most powerful”. Huh, never thought we’d quote Ingmar Bergman at the BIFFF! Indeed our favorite she-wolf, Naomi Watts (TWIN PEAKS, MULHOLLAND DRIVE), plunges head-first into her worst paranoid nightmares – and we’re there all the way! – when she holes herself up in a rundown apartment in the Bronx. Her character June was an important counter-culture writer in the 60’s, but public pressure got the better of her and a decade later she ends up with a writer’s block in a flat… during the NY blackout riots of 1977! She tries to shut out the scary, violent, sexist outside world by never leaving her apartment. But maybe the biggest danger lingers inside, inside the flat or inside her mind… Catherine Deneuve went through a similar lonely hell in REPULSION, but director Alistair Banks Griffin adds an undercurrent of racial tension and feminist outrage. And then there’s still the issue of the doorbell that keeps on ringing… Who’s there?

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