Two years after surviving an incredibly violent attack on her family, young Becky is trying to rebuild her life with Elena, a retiree with a temper as strong as her own. And everything could have gone well if some macho assholes hadn’t burst into their home to scare them, send Elena six feet under and steal Diego, Becky’s beloved dog. Obviously, these macho assholes don’t care about the post-traumatic stress they inflict on the poor young girl. And that’s just fine, because Becky doesn’t care either. Because Becky, like any self-respecting sociopath, has no feelings. All she wants is to get her sweet mutt back and have a little fun with these macho assholes using anything she can get her hands on. That is to say, guns, knives, cutters, grenades, homemade booby-traps… In short, a whole bunch of really definitive arguments that will bring her opponents closer to God. THE WRATH OF BECKY is an incredibly muscular sequel to an underrated masterpiece and an improbable mix between HOME ALONE and JOHN WICK. So, whatcha waiting for? Whip out your Ricola – zhe Krautbonbons! – tablets, because this screening is going to be an epic, unflinchingly gory punk journey, with Sean William Scott (AMERICAN PIE) wonderfully used against type.

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