A police inspector is faced with the most disturbing case in his whole career. Behind the disappearance of an important businessman, lurks a much greater mystery. He discovers that all those people who vanished without trace, are hiding a dreadful secret, linked with terrors and problems from their own past. Once more, the police inspector comes face to face with a long forgotten world, one that is manipulating and watching us. When the policeman crosses the line between the tangible and the incredible, he plunges into a nightmare. The confrontation with his childhood fears that are finally starting to make sense, will test his willpower to the limit and beyond.

Can children see things that we don’t ? Can we recover the look of innocence of the child that we once were or does it scare us too much ? Are their beings watching us from the other side and are they trying to force us to do things we don’t want to do ? Debut-director Norberto Lopez tries to answer these frightening questions in the supernatural thriller Nos Miran, starring Carmelo Gomez (Cows, Earth), Iciar Bollain (Land and Freedom, The Stoneraft) and Massimo Ghini (Tea with Mussolini, CQ).

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