Troubles start the very moment when Bennie, an American art dealer, arrives in Liverpool, England. After going through all kinds of hardships looking for lodgings, he finds a maze-like hotel. Pausing for breath, he goes to the hotel restaurant to have dinner. There’s only one other customer in the roomy place. A waiter leads him to the table right next to the other guest. Benny introduces himself to his companion, whose name is Frank, also an art dealer. After waiting hours for some food, they decide to find another restaurant. As it is already late for dinner and with Frank being a vegetarian, they have a hard time in finding a place. Their search develops into an odyssey with bus, taxi, subway and even the ferry, which brings them to South-America through Notre Dame and Hong Kong. They finally find a restaurant in the desert, where they meet another businessman who’s as lost as they are. Three Businessmen is a “corporate road movie” by independent maverick director Alex Cox (Repo Man, Sid & Nancy, Death & The Compass) and writer- producer Tod Davies (The Hot Spot, Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas). In the fifteen years since the cult-hit Repo Man, the world has become a more dangerous and ever more alienating place. In Three Businessmen, we’ll find out if there’s any meaning behind it all. With Miguel Sandoval (Do The Right Thing, Get Shorty) as Bennie, Alex Cox as Frank and music by Debbie Harry and Pray For Rain (Repo Man, Sid & Nancy).

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