Welcome to Tyler Cornack’s Tiny Cinema, in which he basically presents his whole cinematic universe on a miniature platter: a midget narrator – Michael J. Anderson (!) straight out of TWIN PEAKS’ Black Lodge, though this time not speaking backwards -, “That’s what she said” jokes gone horribly and demonically wrong, a single lady finally falling head over heels for the strong silent type and the inevitable comedown once he gets re-animated, fifty shades of bromance ranging from bro’s willing to face death in order to finally make one of their buds cum, to BACK TO THE FUTURE with heavy homo-erotic undertones… We think that what he’s trying to say with this anthology is something like: Life’s like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get… but you can be damn sure that it’ll taste like a sweaty ball-sack! Cornack’s previous feature BUTT BOY already cracked us up big time. We selected it for the BIFFF 2020 until that went down the toilet thanks to our favorite party-pooper. And TINY CINEMA just continues his winning streak. It’s official now; Tyler is not just a BIFFF one-night-stand, he’s here to stay and there’s some real bromance in the air.

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