Bookish Ken Kaneki can’t believe his luck when he succeeds in getting a date with a deliciously shy female fellow-student. But during their first encounter, she shows her true self, because out of her back pop giant tentacles with which she attacks the stunned Ken. He survives the ordeal, but from now on he’ll have to lead the life of a half-caste: half man, half ghoul (or flesh-eating monster). Speaking of a split personality! As he tests out his new look (including an eye-patch and a kinky leather mask) he must appease his old friends and provide for his daily portion of meat. All the time while being chased by the silver-haired government-appointed ghoul hunter who has to eliminate these lovely little creatures… In Japan, Tokyo Ghoul is a true phenomenon. The manga first appeared in a magazine and when it was published as a book it sold twenty ( 20 ! ) million copies. A film adaptation was inevitable and no expense was spared for the dazzling special effects. Director Kentaro Hagiwara succeeded in getting some fine actors. Masataka Kubota was in Takashi Miike’s Thirteen Assassins and Yu Aoi in Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s Penance and Journey to the Shore. Don Davis (The Matrix-trilogy) provides the thrilling soundtrack.

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