Tokyo Ghoul’s’

Ghouls are man-eating monsters who are only able to ingest human flesh in order to live. The special police unit CGC (Counter Ghoul Commission) is trying to protect humanity from the ghoul menace, forcing them to keep their true identity secret. Kaneki is a half human and half ghoul hybrid who refuses to eat human flesh. He lives and works in a coffee house together with fellow ghouls who only feed on the dead. One day they get a visit from The Gourmet, a ghoul who loves to have his humans prepared in rare and special ways. Once the Gourmet gets a whiff of Kaneki’s special scent, he has only one thing on his mind; to devour this unique half human. He invites Kaneki to an underground restaurant where ghouls from all over the world come together to feast on gastronomically exquisite living humans dishes. If our hero doesn’t want to end up at the bottom of the food chain, he’ll finally have to release his inner ghoul. This sequel to TOKYO GHOUL (BIFFF 2017) is an exciting new chapter in the big screen exploration of the popular manga by Sui Ishida, which has sold over 44 million copies.

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