Apprentice mailmen James and Pete just loooove to drink and
party. They take advantage of the delivery of a parcel to a remote
address in the countryside for some r & r. They find themselves in
an idyllic location: a cabin by a lake in the woods. There’s fresh air,
cold beer and the presence of two beautiful ladies with a penchant
for skinny dipping in the sun. Our mailmen have hit the jackpot and
decide to make it a full day out. An overdose of alcohol and some
psychotropic substances later, James and Pete wake up without
remembering what happened. They hope to find someone who
can enlighten them a bit more. Well, aren’t they lucky, because…
tonight she comes!
It’s impossible to tell you anything more without getting crucified
for spoiler alert. Let’s just say that director Matt Stuertz has created
one nutty hardcore extravaganza. At first he plays with classic slasher
codes and it looks like we’re in for some hack and slash parody, but
then he releases his inner Cronenberg and goes completely berserk.
Sam Raimi would have loved it. Tonight She Comes is as surprising
as it is brutal, and the warning at the beginning of the credits is
more than justified.

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