Asocial loner Tony lives in a London suburb and hasn’t had a job for twenty years. He passes his time watching violent action movies of which he can recite the dialogues by heart. He doesn’t have any friends or family and looks totally harmless, until we see him inviting a junkie couple in his flat. It seems reckless for him, but it’s even more dangerous for them. Mild mannered Tony likes to imitate the scenes from his favorite movies, especially the ones in which people are getting killed. Because the company he likes most… is the one that’s dead. Tony, the feature version of Gerard Johnson’s short Mug (2004), reminds you of Steven Sheil’s Mum and Dad (BIFFF 2008). Like a true sociologist of horror, Johnson drew inspiration from the life of real life serial killer Dennis Nilsen to draw a portrait of the daily life of a bloodthirsty loner. Peter Ferdinando, the director’s cousin, is amazing as Tony. He didn’t hesitate to lose 15 kilo’s to look the part.

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