Mission Eurovegas marks the return of our beloved Torrente, a cop who has as many successes as Larry David in Curb Your Enthusiasm, but whose failures we cherish. This time we run into Torrente at the prison gates. After a deal gone south, he had to do some time in the can, but now he’s free again. The year is 2018 and Spain looks completely different. Is there still room for a dishonest, disgusting, misogynist cop like Torrente or has the world really gone to hell!?

This is the fifth part of one of the most successful Spanish franchises of all time. Mission Eurovegas is the sequel to Lethal Crisis and was last year’s biggest box office success in Spain, even beating the big Hollywood blockbusters. With the right mix of politically incorrect humor, a fun cast (Alec Baldwin as the bad guy) and lots of action and spectacle, Torrente will not run out of steam in the years to come. Take a bit of Lethal Weapon, a whiff of Die Hard and spice it up with humor from The Hangover and you’ll know what you’re in for.

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