Nine very different people are taking part in a two-week self-discovery course at a remote farm. The participants’ motives are as different as their personalities: marital problems, career setbacks, age related depression and inability to form relationships. Charismatic therapist Dr. Roman Romero and his helpers confront their clients with their «real» problems. Cut off from the outside world, the participants increasingly fall under the sway of the therapy. Their personalities start to change. After a week the unforeseen occurs: Dr. Romero is found murdered. Panic breaks out and the psychotherapy turns into psychological warfare. The tension continues to rise as in rapid succession absurd accusations are traded, identities mistaken, accidents occur and false assumptions are made. Chance events and a growing frenzy of hysteria progressively rob the protagonists of their ability to take conscious decisions, until disaster can no longer be averted.
Christian Frosch completed the first draft of the script of Totale Therapie in the summer of 1993. The project was to become his first feature-length film. Three years later he put together a dedicated young crew to realize his tragicomic psycho-thriller. Totale Therapie introduces us to a world where things are falling apart and self-appointed saviors can trigger complete disaster.

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