As a boy scout, you learn many things: how to lead and work together as a group, how to survive in the wild using only a crate of milk and a screwdriver (yes, McGuyver was also a boy scout), how to sing corny anthems by heart and, if you’re a bit lucky, how to make friends for life. If you’re unlucky? You end up with a bunch of Neanderthals that would make the Manson Family look like, well, boy scouts… That’s what happens to Ludovic when he sets up camp in 1998 with his fellow totem toting “friends”, Buffalo, Marmot, Ant, Okapi and Beaver. He’s quite literally the butt of all their jokes, going as far as throwing him in a cesspool, taking a dump on him and leaving him for dead there. Again, literally: that’s the last memory all of ‘m have of Ludovic, who disappeared afterwards. They move on, until – some twenty years later – Buffalo is haunted by hallucinations of a giant rat, Ludovic’s totem, and the gang decides to revisit the past by going back to the site and the cesspool. Again, literally, because they have no idea how deep the shithole goes… Fred de Loof’s debut feature is sci-fi, toilet humor, teen flick, horror parody and revival film all balled up into one steaming pile of gloriously zany comedy sprinkled with tragedy, as in the best of Greek plays. A true gem in the Belgian film industry, with amazing FX by Eric De Wulf (MANDY, IRON SKY).

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