The most evil bad guys in the world are no longer Lex Luthor or Dr Doom, but the high finance and high risk traders of Wall Street. They have the moral scruples of Satan and love to play with the hard earned money of your grandparents. One day the bubble bursts again and 14 billion dollars is lost. People are starting to panic. At the workstation where Vernon works you can choose between going back to a four figure job or throw yourself from the highest tower. That gives him a brilliant neo-capitalist idea: why not invest in what he calls “econocides”, the rate at which people will commit suicide because of failing economic structures. It’s a great idea, because the money is flowing back, but at the same time Wall Street is starting to look more like Fight Club and people are killing each other to raise the stocks.

Who had thought that the most interesting place for a horror movie would tbe he world of high finance? After the first crash in 2008 we learned about a world without morality where the new god is money. The biggest killer in the 21st century is not a mutation of the bubonic plague, but a mutation of our economical and political system called capitalism. Rachael Moriarty and Peter Murphy make us dive deep into the Machiavellian environment of traders. When Wall Street meets Gladiator: a unique and cynical masterpiece!

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