Sadie and McKayla may be the most popular girls in school, but they are missing one thing to become the next Kim Kardashian. They need thousands, even millions of followers on their social networks. In order to achieve that goal, they need a trending topic, something more exciting than make-up or dating tips. When they discover that a serial killer has made his nest in the neighborhood, they decide to kidnap him. With this free tutorial on how to be a murderer, they’ve got their trending topic. As a bonus, Sadie and McKayla will not only be able to feed their blogs with breaking news on the criminal, but they’ll also be able to slaughter as many innocent people as possible. They just need to incriminate the killer, so they can remain the new social media darlings. Tragedy Girls, a bloody satire on contemporary youth with a bite, is the perfect mix between Heathers and Scream. Tyler MacIntyre’s newest (Patchwork, BIFFF 2016) made many a viewer holler in American theaters. It’s also a treat to genre fans, with its many winks to the work of John Carpenter, Brian De Palma or Ruggero Deodato. This lovely dose of sarcastic gore is driven by the energetic performances of its two leads Brianna Hildebrand (Deadpool) and Alexandra Shipp (X-Men: Apocalypse).

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