Do you feel as if the grim reaper might put its bony hand on your shoulder at any time ? Do you have a well-stuffed bank account and a tremendous will to live ? Welcome to Menzana, a corporation that has turned death into an illness and sells the remedy at a very high price. Like Hermann and Anna, you can opt for a cerebral transfer and keep on partying in a fresh new body ! Supplies are inexhaustible ; it just takes a few banknotes to recruit unfortunate souls from the Third World and to convince them to abandon their mortal coil. Their bodies are ; in perfect condition. You’ll be able to have fun again between the sheets. Yes, of course, they are black. So what ? Those racial divides are behind us, aren’t they ? OK, your friends might sulk a bit when they first see you but don’t be fooled. They’re just jealous about your fine young body. And, anyway, at their age, the wheel might still be turning but the hamster is most probably dead. So, enjoy your new life but; and this is the most important part, never forget to take your pills to keep control of your mind. If not… Here we have a movie that asks poignant ethical questions about live extension, migration, exploitation, rich and poor, selfish profit and self-sacrifice. Anyone who dares to say that genre cinema is socially irrelevant, should be forced to watch Transfer. And we’re not talking about punishment here, because Damir Lukacevic’s second long feature is simply one of the strongest cinematic experiences you’ll be able to experience at the Bifff this year.

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