After four years of war and 18 million corpses, the First World War is about to end. The German troops are retreating like frightened rabbits, making their campsites look like the aftermath of a particularly bloody party. This is a unique opportunity for the Allies to go rummaging through the mythical trench 11, which is the subject of horrifying rumors that make all the hairs on your body stand up. Berton, a Canadian sapper, is in charge of guiding a squad of soldiers through this underground labyrinth that the Germans didn’t manage to destroy before leaving. They expect something bad lurking here, but nothing could have prepared them for the horde of mutant soldiers created by a twisted visionary of the future Third Reich. You smell it, that sweet smell of Dead Snow: Red VS Dead and Frankenstein’s Army, don’t you? Well, Leo Scherman has created a similar atmosphere in his latest film. This former trainee of David Cronenberg treats us to a claustrophobic experience stuffed with hungry mutants. Welcome to Trench 11, where The Great Escape meets The Descent! You’d better play some Wolfenstein first to prepare you for what’s ahead.

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