Who would dare to say that Harry Talbot is not spoiled by fate? The story begins with a game of poker and two idiots, during which Harry relieves them from a tidy sum of money and a superb limousine Lincoln Continental! With his pockets full of money and a dream car, Harry’s happiness is almost complete. Soon after he meets a gorgeous hitchhiker named Kitty, who is fleeing from “family problems”. What more could he ask? But the situation deteriorates when Harry discovers the rotten corpse of a man in the Lincoln’s trunk and huge quantities of drugs in his pockets. Damn it ! Regarding the young Kitty, he does not know yet that her « family » is actually the Mafia, which, in the meantime, has sent assassins after him. After knowing this, Harry begins to question his lucky star. In life, the more you climb the ladder, the more you risk falling from high.

The hero from TROUBLE BOUND, interpreted by Michael MADSEN (RESERVOIR DOGS, THELMA AND LOUISE) is really getting into trouble. His too short moments of glory lead him in a swirl of very big problems from which it will not be easy to escape. Fortunately, he does not lack imagination, but his partner, Patricia ARQUETTE (THE INDIAN RUNNER, ETHAN FROME), will not make things easier for him, to say the least. This excellent action film, depicting pervasive violence and humor, is directed by Jeffrey REINER (BLOOD AND CONCRETE).

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