Shane and June are American newlyweds in Paris, but this is no ordinary honeymoon. Shane is a man possessed, desperately searching for his old colleague, Dr. Leo Semeneau, with whom he worked on dangerous experiments into the human libido. He and Semeneau bear the terrible scars of their researches, and Shane is tortured by a rave-ning hunger that will not be quieted. As Shane searches for Leo, the doctor himself pursues Coré, his wife, who has fled the prison of her bedroom. Shane finds her first, crouched over the corpse of a young neighbour, splattered with blood. Bewildered, June struggles to understand her husband’s disturbingly erratic behaviour. But nothing makes sense anymore. Claire Denis (Chocolat, I can’t sleep, Nenette and Boni), considered as one of the least typical directors of the current French scene, has delivered us her hardest, bravest, most provocative and controversial film yet. Inspired by Abel Ferrara’s The Addiction and Brian De Palma’s Dressed To Kill, this orgy of sex and blood questions both the limits of physical desire and the language of film-making itself. Trouble Every Day, with its daring subject matter and its powerful images is definitely not recommended for sensitive stomachs. Indie-icon Vincent Gallo (Arizona Dream, The Funeral, Buffalo 66) plays Shane, Beatrice Dalle (Betty Blue, Night on Earth, Blackout) is Coré, Alex Descas (I can’t sleep, Nenette and Boni, Harem Suare) takes up the part of Leo and Tricia Vessey (Kiss the Girls, Ghost Dog) is June. With original music by Tindersticks.

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