Fat, a taxi driver, is addicted to gambling and has to deal with heavy debt. To get away from the loan sharks, he moves in with his family, who live in an ancient Chinese apartment. But there is something weird about the place. Fat’s five-year-old son, On, cries every night and can hardly sleep. One night, they hear a strange noise. Fat is extremely frustrated as he is stuck in this place. In anger, he roars at the noise and surprisingly, it dies down. That night, Fat sees a number. Next day, when he passes by the lottery station, he remembers the number and decides to give it a try. It turns out that he wins the lottery. Delighted, he starts to believe he is looked upon by the Spirit of Fortune in his apartment. He therefore proposes to the Spirit that if it continues to help him, he will split whatever he has with it. Since then, Fat wins every time he bets and becomes very rich. He becomes so indulged in gambling that he starts to neglect his wife and son. What Fat doesn’t know is that he is walking towards his grave. The Sprit who is helping him is in fact the Spirit of Evil and it does not only want Fat, but also his wife and son. “Never trade with Evil, or you might lose everything you have, even your life”, are the wise words of a Chinese saying. And that’s exactly what happens in Troublesome Night V. Director Herman Yau uses the Chinese obsession for gambling to create a scary and funny movie about a man driven to his doom by his addiction to chance.

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