1996, in the Swedish city of Norrköping. An association of antisocial nerds who have watched a little too much of the X-Files, collect and verify all the testimonies of UFO’s flying over Sweden. For 99% of the calls they find a perfect scientific explanation, but it is that 1% of mystery that drives and motivates them. One day the rebellious teenager Denise storms in their offices. She’s not only a familiar face to all the police agents in town, but also to our Ufonauts. Her father was one of the founders of the group until he was “abducted by aliens” in the eighties. Their disbelief and skepticism makes way for a never-before-felt enthusiasm, as Denise has brought back some secret archives that shed a whole new light on her father’s disappearance. And of course there are many forces at work who have every interest in ensuring that this information does not leak out. European sci-fi movies are unfortunately a rare things, but once in a while something comes along like UFO SWEDEN, which is brought to you by the Swedish Crazy Pictures Collective (THE UNTINKABLE, BIFFF 2019). It’s a resolutely mainstream movie with a great script, a very human story at its heart, impressive SFX and a rollercoaster story of thrills and discoveries in a perfectly recreated nineties setting. It’s as if THE X-FILES and STRANGER THINGS had a lovechild and they called it UFO SWEDEN!

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