Rattle Rattle : One day, Kanako hears a rattling sound in front of a building while walking home. The moment she looks up, something hits her hard. She looses consciousness for a while, but unhurt, she continues her way home. As soon as she arrives, she starts seeing a deformed woman who begins to haunt her. Steel : Sekiguchi is a young car mechanic leading an unexciting life. That all changes when one day his boss asks him to take his attractive sister on a drive. To Sekiguchi‘s surprise, his hot date is covered from head to waist by a sack. The Inheritance : Divorcee Saeko decides to leave the city with her 7-year old son Michio to live with her bedridden mother. One day, Michio sees his mother staring at a wooden chest in a shed. From then on, Saeko’s behaviour becomes more and more strange. U nholy Women is an omnibus film: three stories by three directors. Each tells the horrific tale of a woman who is caught by desire or obsession and becomes a monster or ghost that attacks their loved ones. Keita Amemiya, director of Rattle Rattle, has managed to do something rare; make a ghost movie that’s truly frightening and shocking. The surreal weirdness of Steel, by Takuji Suziki, will remind you of the best of Shinya Tsukamoto. And Keisuki Toyoshima atmospheric ghost story The inheritance was supervised by horror master Takashi “The Grudge” Shimizu.

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