Five men wake up in a dirty, heavily fortified warehouse somewhere in the California desert, with no memory of who they are. Bound Man wakes up cursing like a sailor when he discovers he’s tied to an office chair. Broken Nose is lying in a pool of blood. Handcuffed Man is hanging by his wrist, which is handcuffed to a railing. Jeans Jacket and Rancher shirt are unbound. Alternately partnering with each other or defiant of one another according to vague recollection, superstition or speculative logic, the five try to decipher which of them are victims and which are the bad guys. In Unknown, a tremendous premise leads to a high tension guessing game and a Reservoir Dogs style acting duel between seasoned performers such as James Caviezel ( Frequency, The Passion of the Christ), Barry Pepper ( Saving Private Ryan, The Green Mile), Joe Pantoliano ( Memento, The Matrix), Gregg Kinnear ( Auto Focus, Little Miss Sunshine) and Jeremy Sisto ( May, One Point 0). Written by Matthew Waynee and directed by Simon Brand, Unknown is a fast-paced, taut thriller with a shattering last-minute plot twist.

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