Dong-chul, a lovable fish dealer, tries to live the correct life and to steer clear of his criminal past as “the bull”. Having troubles to make ends meet at the end of each month, he’s tempted by some shady investment. Of course, this doesn’t please his dear wife. When she’s on the verge of leaving him, she gets a little (unwanted) help by a sex traffickers syndicate. Dong-chul, however, isn’t left empty-handed as in return, he’s given a large sum of money. He is enthusiastically flanked by his goofy sales partner and best friend, and by a private eye with some special methods. Before long, he’ll be ready to unleash his inner bull again! Kim Min-ho directs this Korean take on TAKEN with a large helping of humor, a killer hallway action sequence (think OLDBOY), and iron muscles. With his puppy eyes, steel fist and big arms, Ma Dong-seok is in the lead: there’s nothing that stands in his way when it comes to saving his damsel in distress. After his international breakthrough with TRAIN TO BUSAN, you can also catch him in ALONG WITH THE GODS: THE LAST 49 DAYS at the BIFFF this year.

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