After a traumatic experience in the Brexit capital, Jamie and his pregnant wife Maya would like nothing more than to get the hell out this country that is going down the drain. By chance, Jamie inherits an old cottage in the Irish countryside and our two little lovebirds immediately fly off. The City, it ain’t. No Tube where everyone has a long face, no traffic jams where you want to demolish everyone’s faces and no bastards with a craving for inflicting trauma’s on others. Here, it’s all about the bogs, vast forests and idyllic lakes… Heaven! Sure, the shack could use a lick of paint and the only handymen around work for the dastardly Whelan family, but that’s a detail. Same goes for the amusing request of an old friend of Jamie’s family, who begs the young couple to leave a plate of meat in the garden every night. For whom? Goblins and leprechauns? Ah, these country folk and their lavish imagination. Nevertheless, they comply and deposit a nightly meat offering. Just in case. You never know. A wise decision, very wise indeed… Discovered at the BIFFF 2013 with GRABBERS, John Wright’s back with a title that ostensibly disrespects our festival’s token greeting. Like Spielberg and his JAWS, which played coy before showing its teeth, Wright first lets us gently settle in his tale before unleashing an epic bloodbath! At the crossroads between GREMLINS and STRAW DOGS.

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