Shredding: A bunch of annoying teens break into a closed-down venue where a band was burnt alive years earlier. They find out it’s supremely uncool to mess with badass undead rockers. Ozzy’s Dungeon is a sadistic TV-show with a host pushing the candidates through a humiliating obstacle course to open said dungeon. And when a participant gets mutilated for life, her family takes revenge on the host, ‘Ozzy’-style. The Gawkers: a bunch of horny teens install a spycam in the apartment of the hot blonde across the street and are in for the fright of their lives. Suicide Bid: A college girl desperately wants to join the hottest sorority on campus. For that she has to spend a night buried alive in a coffin at a graveyard. But there’s something on the outside trying to get into her coffin. To Hell and Back: A documentary crew is filming a satanic ritual and gets transported to a hellish landscape full of deadly traps, torture and demons. They only have minutes to escape. The V/H/S franchise has launched a whole bunch of careers and has always been a playground to experiment with fun and terror. This fifth entry into the series has plenty of laughs and shocks to satiate the fans. Tied together by a string of stop-motion comedy action clips, V/H/S/99 runs the gamut from “why the hell would anyone do this?” to ‘I wish I had put on a diaper.” Your hosts are Maggie Levin (THE BLACK PHONE), Flying Lotus (KUSO), Tyler MacIntyre (TRAGEDY GIRLS, BIFFF 2018), Johannes Roberts (47 METERS DOWN) and Joseph & Vanessa Winter (DEADSTREAM, BIFFF 2022).

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