The Canins family is weighed down with a terrible curse: it’s been exactly two centuries since the Canins palace was profaned by Nasferatu. He quickly disappeared, taking Princess Letizia Canins in oblivion with him…
Today, despite her blue-blood, Helietta Canins isn’t called a princess any more, but she is not ready to forget her family’s terrible past: an enigmatic sarcophagus, hidden in the palace cellars, is there to remind her of it. Helietta is persuaded that, in the sarcophagus, lies Nosferatu, and she only wants to move its top to kill the vampire, get revenge for her family and get rid of an abominable plague at the same time. Despite everything, she is not totally unaware of the abominable dangers and consequences that would cause such a hasty initiative: so, she calls Paris Catalano, a major English expert, in the hope of him helping her to successfully complete her “mission” …
The beautiful woman and the savant will soon understand what “being immortal” really means…
Augusto CAMINITO, first and above all a producer (for SORDI’s and FULCI’s movies), now had an off-screen job with Vampire in Venice. He did spare no expense to make his first movie: you can clearly see it in terms of plastic, but even more in terms of cast. Let’s see: Klaus KINSKI doesn’t have to force himself any more to be Nosferatu, whose morbid interest for beautiful creatures is more sensual than ever; Christopher PLUMMER (The Sound of Music, Dreamscape) gives us the image of a less crazy savant than usual; and Donald PLEASANCE (a guest of the 1986 Festival), who definitely seems to be fond of cassocks (Prince of Darkness), successfully plays a sneaky and cowardly confessor.

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