15-year old Su-rin, freshly arrived in a new school, is not the type to schmooze up to everyone to be popular. Fortunately, she can count on young orphan Sung-min to feel less lonely. These two will soon become as thick as thieves, even inventing their own secret language. One day, they decide to come along with two other friends to explore a mountain, where engineers are digging with explosives. They discover a strange egg in a hidden cave. While the three boys are wondering what to do with their find, Su-rin returns to the cave to find her hairpin. She then hears a sudden explosion. Once outside, she expects to discover her friends blown to pieces, but the boys have disappeared. Even crazier, she meets a thirty-something man who claims to be Sung-min. How could he have aged 15 years in just 5 minutes? Have you ever imagined putting the world on hold, being able to suspend time? It looks seductive, but it’s actually really complicated. Eom Tae-hwa has crafted a fantastic and visually ravishing fable that reminds you of Stand by Me and Jumanji. This little Korean feel-good gem is carried with brilliance by young Shin Eun-soo, chosen among no less than 300 candidates!

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