On a beautiful day on the Italian coast, young Vera disappears. Two years later she turns up again, but as an adult woman with complete loss of memory. Her still grief-torn parents can hardly believe that this woman is their little girl, until DNA-tests prove Vera’s identity. The plot thickens when memories start to resurface from those two lost years. Vera is convinced she had led the life of a Chilean man who had been pronounced clinically dead, but regained consciousness on the day that she disappeared. VERA DE VERDAD is an incredibly ambitious and organic piece of work. Beniamino Catena’s metaphysical drama uses fantasy tropes as the couplets of a cosmic poem. He takes us on a journey from the rough landscapes of the Ligurian coast to the dry plains of the Atacama Desert. VERA DE VERDAD is a thoughtful mix between a Pink Floyd number and an essay by Carl Sagan. Or maybe it’s just a poetic way to remind us that we are all stardust in an infinite universe.

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