Despite endless warnings by scientists and BIFFF-ers alike, all pathetic attempts to save our planet have failed. Our ecosystem has collapsed and along with it, society’s structures. Many people perished, the powerful fled to walled-in, high-tech Citadels that artificially hold up an illusion of civilization. The rest of humanity linger like wild animals in a toxic wasteland in which no new plants can grow, except for human cruelty that seems to spread like wildfire. Vesper, a 13-year-old girl, lives alone with her bedridden, dying dad who can communicate with her through a scruffy drone. Oh, she’s got one more family member. Her not-so-loving uncle Jonas, who has built up a dubious community of child slaves that supply him with blood which he can trade with the Citadels for seeds. Seeds! A scarce good, but unfortunately they haven’t managed to get them to bare edible fruits. But you see, Vesper has developed more bioengineering prowess than Mark Wahlberg stuck on Mars and she’s going to science the shit out of this! When she stumbles upon a woman from the Citadel, who crashed on her weekend paragliding outside the walls, she can see her one-way ticket out of this hellhole…
Kristina Buozyte and Bruno Samper needed ten years after their already awe-inspiring debut feature VANISHING WAVES (BIFFF 2013) to painstakingly put together this sci-fi masterpiece that is at the same time even richer and more accessible than its predecessor. What better way to open the first real-life BIFFF edition since 2019 than with this dark fairytale that warns us about the path we’re on that can only lead to destruction… But there’s a shimmer of hope. Or should we say, a seed of hope.

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