Matias is a director who tends to compare himself to Tarantino. He’s got his first horror film coming along, which he humbly considers to be the worthy successor to SCREAM. Actually, he just finished the first cut and is now inviting the entire crew for a private screening. But from the get-go the group discover scenes they never shot, while the actors see themselves reciting dialogues they never spoke… And those are but the occult starters before the exceptionally bloody main course, in which each murder scene will have real-life repercussions. Because you see, Matias is in reality no more than a hack with the talent of a leprous dromedary. His success is due to a shady Faustian pact he made and now his actors will have to find a way to get in contact with their characters in order to stay in one piece…
These days interactivity and augmented reality are all the rage. So it was just a question of time before genre films started taking on the phenomenon to turn it into mean, vicious things, y’know, the sort of things we adore! Here it’s perverted into gory meta-fiction in which the actors are literally going to suffer for their art. VIRTUAL REALITY was presented as a work in progress at the BIF Market and is now selling like hotdogs all over the world. The remake is being shot as we speak. So come see the Argentinean original before everyone else hops on the bandwagon!

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