Alice, the young daughter of veterinarian Patrick and his wife Louise, is bitten to death by a rabid dog. The grieving couple moves from the big city to the small, rural village of Wake Wood. Its name is aptly chosen, because the forests around Wake Wood have the power to bring back the recently deceased; but this only for three days. With the help of village elder Arthur, Patrick and Louise use the magic of Wake Wood to revive Alice. Soon the villagers sense that there’s something not right with the girl. They demand for her to be returned back into the earth. But Alice has other plans. How far would you go to spend some precious time with someone who was brutally taken away from you ? Wake Wood is one of those solid horror pics where the director takes his time to create a bond between the audience and the characters – among whom Aiden Gillen ( Tommy Carcetti from The Wire ) as Patrick, Eva Birthistle ( Breakfast on Pluto, The Children ) as Louise and Timothy Spall ( Secrets and Lies, Harry Potter, Sweeny Todd ) as Arthur – after which you will be enthralled by the carefully crafted mounting tension and suspense until the very end. Wake Wood is also the first production of the revived Hammer Studios, the legendary house of horror from the fifties, sixties and seventies.

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