The son of Satan is back, and he is in a bad way. In order to free daddy dearest and plunge the world into chaos (as if we don’t already do enough harm to ourselves), he has to find six magic stones in seven days, just between a couple of eclipses, which, once united, will really cause Armageddon to erupt. With satanic zeal and tons of blood the Warlock sets to work. Only two people can stop him. Kenny and Samantha are the last descendants of an illustrious line of mistletoe cutters, also known as Druids. And these fine youngsters are up against the Warlock. What follows is an epic battle between the always boring “good” and the fascinating “evil.”

Anthony Hickox (sometimes called the “Stephen King of directing”) is a regular at the Festival. Witnesses to this are Waxworks (Special Prize of the Jury in 1989)”, Waxworks II and Hellraiser III. And now there is Warlock II: The Armageddon, which should certainly not be seen as a sequel to the first one. It is rather a variation on the same theme, being the son of the devil who indulges himself in dolby stereo on us poor little people. Of course, Julian Sands (A Room With A View, Gothic, Archnaphobia) is once again to be admired as the diabolical one. To counteract him we have Paula Marshall (Hellraiser III) as Samantha, and Chris Young (Max Headroom, The Great Outdoors) as Kenny. The freeze-frame special effects come from the hyper-sophisticated computer of regular Bob Keen (Children of the Corn, Hellraiser III). The first Warlock won the Audience Prize in 1991. What will the second one get?

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